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Alternator: 380V, 400V, 480V, 500V, 550V, 590V, 600V, 660V & 690V
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Alternator: 380V, 400V, 480V, 500V, 550V, 590V, 600V, 660V & 690V
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Brief Description
Generators 380V Power range:200kW-320kW(1500rpm-50Hz),250kW-400kW(1800rpm-60Hz)Standards-compliant: IEC 60034,NEMA MG1 and ISO 8528Environmental conditions: ambient temperature40 altitude≤1000 m1.Stator: we can supply two type windings: concentric
Product Attributes
  • Brand Name:
  • Frequency:
    50Hz / 60Hz
  • Model Number:
    MWL33B series
  • Place of Origin:
    Shanghai, China
  • Rated Voltage:
    400V 480V
  • Rated Current:
    360.9A - 576A
  • Speed:
    1500r.p.m / 1800r.p.m
  • Rated Power:
    250KVA - 400KVA(50HZ), 312.5KVA - ...
Detailed Description
Generators 380V

Power range:200kW-320kW(1500rpm-50Hz),250kW-400kW(1800rpm-60Hz)

Standards-compliant: IEC 60034,NEMA MG1 and ISO 8528

Environmental conditions: ambient temperature40  altitude≤1000 m

1.Stator: we can supply two type windings: concentric low harmonics winding and lap winding. And the excessive neutral current can be controlled if it is 2/3 pitch.

2.Rotor: integral damping winding reduces the oscillation in parallel, enhances the stability in parallel and improves the bearing capacity of the generator which is including unsymmetrical load capacity and nonlinearity load capacity.

3. Insulation class: class H. The limit value of the temperature is 125K when the ambient temperature is 40. The stator winding is vacuum impregnated and the rotor winding is painted insulation glue continuously. So that ensures our windings with good resistance to moisture, mechanical stage and heat dissipation potential and also more temperature rise margine. Protection of standard winding is effective in the environment of 95% relative humidity.

4. 6 Out leads and 12 out leads.The voltage can be changed by changing the way of connection if it is single mode.

5. With finite element analysis and calculation, mechanical performance of parts is optimized. Steel frame and cast iron end cover.


1. 3 phase & single phase

2. Can be paralleled with other generator or with the mains

3. Rotating diode is easy to replace and maintain

4. Can supply single bearing and double bearings generator

5. The basic protection grade is IP22(other protection grades can be produced according to customers requests)

6. Various spare parts can be supplied: AREP or PMG, AVR for single phase or three phases, anti-condensation heater, thermal protection of stator winding, specific added anti salt spray, air filter and space humidifier and so on.